Tuesday, May 11, 2021

What Makes Auctions a Superior Choice?

Real estate auctions are an important alternative and an attractive method for selling your home, land or commercial property. While most sellers are less familiar with auctions than ordinary sales, there are a wide variety of benefits to an auction sale, including:

  • Date Certainty: A real estate auction takes place on the date you choose. We provide the high-powered marketing strategies to accelerate individual marketing of properties in order to attract quality bidders. You know exactly when those buyers will compete and when your property will sell enabling you plan your life accordingly.

  • Speed: As opposed to the “agent way”, there’s no need to put your property on the market or hold weekend Open Houses in the hopes for someone to express interest. Properties exposed to auction marketing usually sell in 30 days or less, reducing the hassle and carrying costs of an open-ended listing.

  • Simplicity: At auction, your property sells in “as is” condition so there’s no additional work for you to do. Because there are no contingencies allowed, buyers can’t put more requirements on you or additional conditions on their bids. Their deposit is non-refundable so they are highly motivated to close as agreed. There’s no simpler way to sell!

  • Urgency: “Auction Fever” starts! Your marketing plan has added impact because of the urgency an auction evokes. Our Pre-Qualifying requirement weeds out “lookers” We use numerous marketing channels, including direct mail, digital advertising, email, signage, online marketing, open houses, newpaper ads, and more, to be sure every prospective buyer is engaged and prepared to bid.

  • True Competition: There is a possibility you may receive several offers just by having an ordinary “sign in the yard” type of listing, but auction marketing creates massive exposure, brings all potential buyers into the process, and culminates in a competition among buyers. You will then simply sell to the highest bidder on the terms you’ve set.

  • Price Realization otherwise known as True Market Value: Your home or land is worth that amount of money what the person who wants it the most, is willing to pay. When you guess at how to price your property you run the risk of asking too much and thwarting the sale or asking too little and leaving money on the table. A real estate auction lets accelerated marketing and buyer competition reveal the person willing to pay more than anyone else — true market value. Plus, the buyer at the auction pays all the commissions aka the Buyer’s Premium! See how this works exactly.

  • Control: While traditional, negotiated sales often mean months of uncertainty for so many different reasons, an auction ensures you remain in control of the process. On the date you select, your real estate sells “As Is” and without contingencies. You can build your finances, organizing, packing and moving schedules accordingly.
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